How We Shoot, Edit, & Make Great Looking Interview Videos On Our Nokia Lumia 1020

by Alexei Rivera | September 1, 2014 8:24 am



This may or may not sound a little advertorial-like to you guys, but we wanted to show you how you can create some great-looking interviews using the Nokia Lumia 1020’s camera and Windows Phone 8.1’s new video editing apps. By combining the two you wouldn’t need to manually copy your raw video files onto your PC and start an extended editing and rendering process – everything is edited and rendered on the phone and uploading is just a few clicks away. No need for a PC! Watch our quick editing process below and see for yourself.



And with a little bit more editing, here is our final product:



There you have it: perfectly decent looking video that was completely shot and rendered on a phone. While other phones can probably appropriate the same thing and have their own video editing apps, the Lumia’s optical image stabilization makes all the difference in making video look more professional. Of course it helps that the video is clean, audio is crisp, and you can zoom without losing detail. The 1020 is indeed, a great cameraphone – and now it’s a great video editing & uploading platform as well.



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