Locally-Made “DotA: Nakakabaliw” Is One Of The Worst Movies We Hope We Never See

Locally-Made “DotA: Nakakabaliw” Is One Of The Worst Movies We Hope We Never See
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Believe it or not, the image you see above is the actual poster for a movie showing right now at Philippine mall cinemas nationwide. We’ll let that sink in for a bit. Because for a theatrical release of something that pertains to eSports and popular MOBA game DotA, it looks like the guy who made this poster didn’t even learn how to use Microsoft Paint. To be honest, we don’t know which is worse – the trailer or this poster. Because the trailer might just make you puke. You know, we’ve seen low budget B Movies, we’ve seen indies, we’ve seen wooden actors, but nothing could have prepared us for this:



Oh God. The horror. Make it stop. Did you see that fight scene with the keyboards and desktop computer? How about that zombie scene? And don’t get us started on that rap song.


Is the Philippine movie industry doomed? How did this even get through some form of Quality Assurance? Why are local cinemas even airing this turd? Do these movies actually make money? God, we hope not.


Please, don’t watch this movie. Don’t give them your money. Everyday, local indie filmmakers upload their work on YouTube or show it at local fests and they are infinitely better than this. And yet, this is what our movie industry gives us in return.


UPDATE: Check out the full rap video for the “DotA: Nakakabaliw” movie here.



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  1. K
    April 19, 16:34 #1 K

    wtf is dis
    i fahking

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  2. Mang K
    April 19, 18:45 #2 Mang K

    The trailer itself gave me cancer. If I have watch the movie, I would probably be dead.

    This deserves to be listed at the Razzies, a “0 % or ROTTEN” rating at Rotten Tomatoes, and to be listed on books about the worlds worst movies.

    Movie poster itself can be done by a kid.

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  3. Momobako
    April 19, 19:08 #3 Momobako

    This is utterly revolting, I can’t believe something shit like this is official.

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  4. ThisSucks
    April 20, 15:28 #4 ThisSucks

    delete this pls!

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  5. Maan
    April 22, 05:42 #5 Maan

    Can’t believe Joyce Ching accepted this and was into this movie. Uhm or haven’t we really watched this and it’s too early to judge this movie?

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  6. pcso
    April 22, 12:52 #6 pcso

    wtf!? wala na talagang magawang matino ang movie industry dito sa pinas

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  7. Sha-purple
    April 23, 08:25 #7 Sha-purple

    This is infuriating!! WTF!

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  8. Taylot
    April 23, 10:47 #8 Taylot

    I think i had heart attack.

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  9. Ariel Busa
    April 28, 16:13 #9 Ariel Busa

    Putang inang DOTA: Nakakabaliw

    Putang ina TIRAHIN NYO NA LANG AKO SA PWET kesa manood nyan.

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  10. JCTM
    April 30, 12:38 #10 JCTM

    Who really made this film? I do hope Blizzard Entertainment, IceFrog and VALVe noticed this and ban this horribly made film. Even the poster itself is a strain of my eye, how much more if I watch the film?

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  11. JCTM
    April 30, 12:40 #11 JCTM

    And, thankfully IMDB gave this film a rating of 2 out of 10 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3657530/ ) but even that rating is too generous for me.

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