Sony PlayStation 4 Launch Preview–Next Gen Game Console Now Available For PHP 24,999

by Alexei Rivera | January 15, 2014 7:25 am



Remember the time when Greenhills in San Juan was the source for anything video game related? That was when we still had to side import our consoles and bring back our boxes to some shady little shop when they needed repair. Thankfully today, we might never have to live through that trouble. Sony Philippines has managed to launch the PlayStation 4 next gen console here in record time: a mere two months after its worldwide release (and even earlier than Japan). And with a promising price of PHP 24,999, we can now play the same games the rest of the world does and still enjoy official support and all of it’s the perks – like the just announced Regional Warranty. So get hype and check out our launch preview video and more info below!





Sony PlayStation 4 – PHP 24,999 (PHP 26,999 with PS Camera)


Sony has a promo right now where if you buy your console at their Glorietta event until January 15, 2014 (today) they’ll extend your warranty for another year giving you two full years of worry-free gaming. Plus during the launch they announced that the PS4 will enjoy a Regional Warranty – meaning even if you take your PS4 outside of the country like Singapore, you can still get your console repaired at Sony centers there. Should prove useful for contract-based overseas workers or business travellers, we gather. For us its still just the peace of mind that if your PS4 breaks Sony will take care of it and not that old guy behind some shady stall in Greenhills.


Glorietta Activity Center is where you should go to get your PS4 on


Sony also introduced two new standalone PS Vita products to enhance their portfolio – the thinner & lighter PS Vita 2000 at PHP 11,999 (available now), and a small PS Vita TV console that runs Vita games and connects to your HDTV for PHP 8,599 (available soon). Both consoles have Remote Play features so you can play your PS4 games wirelessly onto these devices.


So there you have it guys, we’re no longer behind the curve in terms of gaming. In fact if you know someone who lives in Japan, feel free to brag about having a PS4 before they do. With official support and the price of PHP 24,999, its almost certain that the Philippines will be a PlayStation nation once more.


P.S.: We have another article & video with impressions on the games[1] we’ve checked out at the event including Killzone: Shadow Fall, NBA 2K14, Knack, and Assassins’ Creed 4: Black Flag.




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