MyPhone Iceberg Mini Confirmed! 1.5Ghz Quad-Core; 5.0” FullHD; 13+5MP For PHP 13k

by Alexei Rivera | November 28, 2013 9:05 pm



Looks like all of the specs we’ve guesstimated for the new MyPhone[2] device hit the mark! Well, except for the SIM sizes and price. But either way, it looks like the MyPhone Iceberg Mini is now officially offish. With the local phone manufacturer’s fan page posting a picture of the device with all of its specs, info on price, and all of its logos and stuff. The brand has kept its cards close to its chest, but with the November 29 (tomorrow) launch looming, it seems they’re letting the good people of the internet in on the fun first. Technically, since you can buy the phone tomorrow, we suppose it’s a sale date and today is the “launch / announcement”. Semantics aside though, if you have the money (or the credit card) tomorrow, you can walk home with one of these guys immediately. No more waiting until it becomes available. We guess that’s just how MyPhone rolls. Check out the full specs, price and launch details below!




MyPhone Iceberg Mini – PHP 12,888 (Available on 12/24 Months 0% Credit Card)


Looking at the specs the main sore points would be the non-removable 2,000mAh battery which is small for today’s standards; and the non-expandable storage. However, we do like the 2GB of RAM onboard, FHD Gorilla Glass display, and what looks like another aluminum-built phone. The price is fairly competitive with most of the competition so it will be interesting to see how this guy stacks up.


The MyPhone Iceberg Vortex should be available to buy tomorrow at the Yahoo! Technostorm[4] event at Market Market Activity Center (Taguig) for the aforementioned PHP 12,888 SRP. (Event is from 10AM-10PM.) They’re also offering 24-month or 12-month payment options for credit cards so the expense can be a little more easier to stomach. (Surprisingly the 24-month one amounts to a PHP 12,888 total so you’re not actually paying more.) Anyway, if you’re interested in one maybe you should check it out! (We’ll try to find out more on our end as well!)



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