NEO Launch New Élan Gaming Laptops–Intel & NVIDIA-Powered Notebooks For PHP 25-71k

by Alexei Rivera | April 19, 2013 11:38 pm



Local manufacturer NEO recently launched a slew of gaming laptops for their targeted budget-conscious consumers. The Elan line – as it is called – range from a portable 11.6" unit, to more robust 15.6" models and range from PHP 25k to 71k. (Cheaper if you opt for one without a Windows 8 license.) Packing Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce DirectX 11 GPUs, these notebooks should be able to handle some demanding gaming as well as have some decent battery life. Hop on over the jump to peep some more specs of these units and a preview video as well!




Specs are below! (Prices in parenthesis means it comes with Linux instead of Windows 8.)


Neo Elan LD7KW – PHP 70,999 (67,999)

  • Intel i7 2.4Ghz Quad-Core Processor
  • 8GB DDR3 Memory, 1TB HDD
  • 15.6" 1920×1080 Screen
  • GeForce GTX 670MX 3GB
  • Onkyo Speaker System
  • Multi-Color Illuminated Keyboard
  • USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4
  • 376x256x45mm, 3.1Kg

Neo Elan LD5HW – PHP 37,999 (34,999)

  • Intel i5 2.6Ghz Dual-Core Processor
  • 8GB DDR3 Memory, 1TB HDD
  • 11.6" 1366×768 Screen
  • GeForce GT 650M 2GB
  • 2MP HD Web Camera
  • USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4
  • 287x207x37.1mm, 1.8Kg

Neo Elan LD2KW – PHP 38,999 (35,999)

  • Intel i7 2.4Ghz Quad-Core Processor
  • 8GB DDR3 Memory, 1TB HDD
  • 15.6" 1366×768 Screen
  • GeForce GT 640M 2GB
  • Island Style Keyboard + Numpad
  • USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4
  • 374x250x37.2mm, 2.6Kg

Neo Elan LD1GL – PHP 25,999

  • Intel i3 2.4Ghz Dual-Core Processor
  • 2GB DDR3 Memory, 500GB HDD
  • 14.0" 1366×768 Screen
  • GeForce GT 630M 2GB
  • Island Style Keyboard
  • USB 3.0, Bluetooth
  • 243x239x31.5mm, 2.2Kg


To see more of these new laptops, check out our preview video below!



All of these new laptops are now available from NEO retail partners like PC Express, PC Corner, & Octagon computer stores. So check them out if you’re so inclined!


Promo Note: If you buy one of these NEO Élan laptops between March 12 and May 12, you’ll also get a (legit) copy of StarCraft II for free! (Your choice of Heart of the Swarm or Wings of Liberty.)



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