BTS 1/5/2013 – Racist Titan, Flippish Mega Uber Scandal, & Our First BB Raffle Winner!

by Alexei Rivera | January 28, 2013 2:30 am



In this episode of the Big Time Show (that aired on January 5, 2013), we talk about the tech news that came about during the Holiday break. Topics discussed include the Consumer Electronics Show (that happened on January 8-11), Cherry Mobile Rave & White Titan, Flippish “Who’s That Girl?” Scandal, Ubuntu OS for Phones, Malawak na Sapot, and on Rafid Fire News we talk about the Galaxy S3’s Sudden Death Bug and Apple’s movement of its processor production to TSMC. We also talk about Apptivate’s new prepaid iOS card for app purchases and we announce who won the BlackBerry 9220 in our raffle draw! As always you can check out the show via our embedded video or download the mp3 version in the form of the iTunes / RSS / direct download formats below. Hop on over the jump to check them out!



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