DTC GT3 Astroid Unboxing–Dual-SIM 650Mhz Android For PHP 4,999 (Win It In Our Raffle!)

DTC GT3 Astroid Unboxing–Dual-SIM 650Mhz Android For PHP 4,999 (Win It In Our Raffle!)
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Well its been a long time coming, but we’ve finally gotten around to our first ever raffle for a full fledged Android phone! Of course, before we get to talk about that raffle, we want to introduce you first to which device you have the chance of winning – the DTC GT3 Astroid Android phone. It is an inexpensive Dual-SIM (no 3G though) Android 2.3 device from a new Filipino company called DTC Mobile. Its got a 3.5” 320×480 screen, 650Mhz processor; 5MP Camera with LED Flash; front facing camera, and all the usual Android accoutrements. Priced at only PHP 4,999 its one of the more competitive devices out there for your money. It can easily trump phones like the Samsung Galaxy Y and its counterparts by a large margin – as it offers Dual-SIM capabilities, a larger, higher resolution screen, and a camera that can take high resolution images with flash. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it – you can easily just watch our unboxing video below to check it out. That, and of course the important raffle details are after the jump, so hop on over!



And that’s about it for the unboxing video of the DTC GT3 Astroid android phone. We hope you like what you see so far and hopefully you’re interested enough to check them out at your local stores.


Of course, before you do that, you should join our raffle for this phone below. You can pick and choose the points you want to earn, and you can tweet the raffle everyday to earn more. Finally, there’s an opportunity to earn extra if you participate on the #BigTimeShow live. Instructions are on the widget, so check it out below! (You can tweet about the unboxing article now to earn points, and then we’ll add another point everyday if you tweet the review when we put it up next week!)


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Update: We’re getting a 502: Bad Gateway error on the widget right now. That means two internet servers are temporarily not able to contact each other. If this is happening to you, we hope you can check back later and hopefully the servers are back online. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Best of luck to all of you guys!



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  1. Roberto R. Bondoc
    October 19, 20:09 #1 Roberto R. Bondoc

    New android celfone is the best.

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  2. emiliana
    October 23, 07:15 #2 emiliana

    I’m joining in!

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  3. Vanessa Rose Palacio
    November 08, 01:05 #3 Vanessa Rose Palacio

    who won po?

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  4. Darren Mozo
    November 12, 17:42 #4 Darren Mozo

    may nanalo na po ba?

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