#BTS (9/29/2012) – iPhone 5 Scuffgate, Wii U Price & Release, Globe LTE Details & More!

by Alexei Rivera | October 3, 2012 7:50 pm



Get ready for yet another episode of the #BigTimeShow! This recent episode aired on September 29, 2012 and should get us all caught up with the YouTube live show. This week we talk about a couple of news topics including the iPhone 5 Scuffgate; the iOS 6 Maps Apology; Nintendo’s new console called the Wii U; Globe’s Tattoo LTE Black launch with pricing and release; a recent 75% Off Google Play Sale; Windows Phone 8 Pricing & Release date rumors; and a bunch of products in our Show & Tell including the Cherry Mobile W100, Candy TV, and Superion Plus; and of course, your weekly dose of #CookingWithNFC! As always, you can check out the show via video and/or audio formats below – with a YouTube embedded video and your more traditional MP3 version in iTunes / RSS / direct download. Have a watch/listen after the jump!



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And there you have it folks, we’re all caught up! From here on out episodes will again be released once a week after the live show airs and we put up the podcast and add the clickable annotations on the video. Do join us again live or on the replay / podcast when you can!


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