#BTS (9/22/2012)–HTC Windows Phones, iOS 6, Cybercrime & TechPinas’ Mark Macanas!

by Alexei Rivera | October 3, 2012 12:49 am



The #BigTimeShow is on a roll right now as we have on the show a very big time guest Mr. Mark Macanas of the massively popular tech blog called TechPinas[2]. Our topics for this momentous episode include things like the debated NTC mobile network performance findings; new HTC Windows Phones called the 8X and 8S; the Smart LTE Pocket WiFi device; the newly released iOS 6 Update for Apple products; the very important Cybercrime (e-Martial) Law; a new rewards system app called PerxClub; and finally we have a guest Mr. Jonathan Lansangan for Startup Weekend Manila[3]. You can check out the show via video or audio format below – embedded YouTube for video and the usual traditional MP3 version in iTunes / RSS / direct download. So hop on over and check it out!



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That’s it for the September 22nd episode and we hope you enjoyed it! Tune in again next time for more episodes every Saturday! (BTW, we’ll post another episode that aired September 29th soon, just catching up so far with the ones we missed posting!)


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