Big Time Show (8/11/2012)–Smart Freedom, iPhone 5 Rumors, Globe’s New Site & More!

by Alexei Rivera | August 20, 2012 9:25 am



We hope you guys liked the first public episode of the Big Time Show[2] right off the bat. But of course, we didn’t just want to launch our show/podcast with just one installment out there – we actually have a couple more shows that were waiting to be released. And right now we’re proud to make public a second episode that aired on August 11, 2012. Packed with quite a bit of hilarity (and disclaimer: some language) as is our style, we tackle a bunch of more recent topics like the Smart Freedom Plan[3]; new iPhone / iPad Mini rumors; Apple vs. Samsung Design Lawsuit; new Ouya Game Console developments; Globe’s Newly Designed Customer Service Website; Microsoft’s Windows 8 & Scarface (Surface); an animated discussion about the Mutewatch accessory; and of course a bunch more. While we did spend quite a bit of time explaining what format the show is about on our last article[4], we’ll just assume you know that you can watch the YouTube version after the jump (with clickable annotations for topics), and/or you can stream/download/get the iTunes/RSS of the MP3 version below it. So have at it!



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So there you have it guys! That’s our episode from August 8, 2012. We particularly like Mr. TJ Panganiban’s reactions to the Mutewatch. He puts it so… succinctly. As always we hope you enjoyed this show and of course you can always get the iTunes and traditional RSS links for the MP3 digestible podcast just below.


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