Cherry Mobile S20 Unboxing–Solid Metallic-Designed Dual SIM Phone For PHP 3,599

Cherry Mobile S20 Unboxing–Solid Metallic-Designed Dual SIM Phone For PHP 3,599
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The Cherry Mobile S20


When it comes to phones on a budget, the main question people ask these days is if the phone looks and feels like it can last longer under some abuse. More often than not though, the answer is unfortunately a, “No.” Which is why we were excited to find out that the Cherry Mobile S20 of the Red Label Collection actually felt and seemed like a solid, well-built device. In terms of form factor it is a bar phone with the traditional T9 text input keys with what seems to be a slightly upgraded camera features which include a 5MP camera with LED flash. The box initially mentioned a metallic design, but we noticed that all of the components that came with it seem to be using some more higher quality materials – such as the battery cover being real metal; and most of the plastics around the phone felt particularly solid to touch. But instead of reading about the phone, feel free to hop over the jump to watch and see it for yourself in our patented™ The Technoclast video unboxing!



And there you have it folks! That’s our unboxing of the Cherry Mobile S20. It may not be a touchscreen phone or a WiFi enabled device, but for a lot of needs like the music playback, games, applications, and the occasional GPRS / 2G connectivity you should be pretty much covered. At a price point of PHP 3,599 it may be a little higher than usual, but you will be getting a much sturdier-feeling phone and the 5MP camera to boot. That it itself might definitely sway the decisions of consumers who prefer typing with physical keys. (Since that’s still faster than touchscrreens.)


The Cherry Mobile S20 is available now at the aforementioned SRP of PHP 3,599. Check out your local Cherry Mobile stores and kiosks to see them in action!



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  1. zoelski(Corpin)
    June 17, 15:58 #1 zoelski(Corpin)

    wow. I’d rather to buy Cherry Mobile 3D Spark than this.

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  2. kikomachine
    June 18, 06:57 #2 kikomachine

    downside of the 3d spark is its resistive screen.. =(

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