Globe Brings You The Samsung Galaxy S3–Available Through A Cheaper 1699 Plan

by Alexei Rivera | June 5, 2012 10:52 pm

The Samsung Galaxy S3 in White


In the same day that Smart launched[2] their postpaid plans for the Galaxy S3, Globe brought out the quad-core Android device under its wing as well – with plans that promise to be cheaper than its competitor and at the same time customizable to the user’s tastes. Samsung’s flagship is available from the mobile provider under a relatively low monthly price of PHP 1,699 – as opposed to the competitor’s PHP 2,000 monthly plan. Globe’s plans also come with customizable freebies which the company is known for – allowing customers to get the phone a little cheaper and with the right kind of services bundled in.




The Samsung Galaxy S3 is of course the newest, and greatest new phone from Samsung, who recently just snatched the title of #1 in Worldwide Mobile Phone sales. The new device is powered by a Quad-Core 1.4Ghz Exynos Chip; shows off with a 4.8” 1280×720 (HD) Super AMOLED display; takes pictures and records video via its 8MP Camera with LED Flash (1080p video); can also do video calls and self-portraits through its 1.3MP Front facing camera (720p video); and comes with Samsung’s custom Android 4.0 build of the popular Google OS. Software improvements that come with the phone include eye tracking technology for automatic screen dimming; a voice operated assistant similar to Apple’s Siri; a unique popout video player for simultaneous phone use and video playback; and even a Social Tag feature that recognizes your friends’ faces and automatically tags their pictures. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still a beast of a phone whether or not those new features will be put to good use. The quad-core device is one of the first Quad-Core devices for smartphone-kind with HTC’s One X[4] being its major rival.


Globe’s plans for the Galaxy S3 include two different budget-friendly variations. The first one is the aforementioned PHP 1,699 Plan. Which basically is the Unlimited Data Plan 999 with a PHP 700 monthly deferred payment for the phone. (Or an outright PHP 16,800 payment.) The plan basically gets you unlimited data, an additional Globe freebie, and of course the phone itself. The other advertised plan is the PHP 1,999 one. Basically, its Plan 1,799 which is a combination of Unlimited Data with PHP 800 consumable credits; plus PHP 200 for the phone every month. (Or an outright PHP 4,800.) This plan comes with three freebies so you can customize it as you like depending on how you use the device. You can get a run down on the phone and its plans by checking out our video below.



So there you have it folks: Globe’s plans for the Galaxy S3. It definitely does offer something more flexible (and potentially more affordable) contracts to its customers. So if you’re inclined to check out the Galaxy S3, don’t forget to drop by your nearest Globe centers. (Or their order page here[5].)


For more pictures of the event, check out our gallery below.


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