Starstruck For Android Quick Look – Free Celebrity Slapping Game By Filipino Devs

by Alexei Rivera | April 28, 2012 8:14 pm



As far as local game offerings go, there’s admittedly not a lot that we can talk about. Of course, we featured something like PoofDeFuze[2] in a developer documentary before, but otherwise its been fairly thin – at least from where we’ve been sitting. Thankfully, our friends from Komakasi Enterprise have recently come up with a free Android game in the form of Starstruck[3] – a sort of celebrity slapping game inspired with what seems to be fighting game elements. Of course, its all proudly Filipino-made, and you’ll even notice some familiar celebrity name-a-likes. Its all quite interesting to check out at the very least, so we urge you to see it in action. After all, its free. If you’re on the fence though, you can check out our video quick look just after the jump. Hop on over!



And there you have it guys, a little slapping action that looks pretty fun for people who would really love to slap the antagonists in our local telenovelas (or maybe the protagonists). Anyway, the game is pretty short so far – as they’re calling it a demo for the final product. Though for a free game to waste a few minutes with on your Android phone, its pretty worth it. After all, you’ll be supporting an honest-to-goodness Filipino indie game.


You can grab Starstruck from the Google Play store here[4]. Or you can check out the trailer for the game below.







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