Cherry Mobile Spark 3D Unboxing–Dual-SIM Touchscreen Phone & Unique 3D Screen

Cherry Mobile Spark 3D Unboxing–Dual-SIM Touchscreen Phone & Unique 3D Screen
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The Cherry Mobile Spark 3D (this shows up in 3D when seen by your eyes)


We’ve all seen 3D, haven’t we? We’ve seen it in movies, televisions, superhero holographic cards and the like. But have we seen it on a phone before? Well yes, we have. However, we haven’t seen it in something quite like this – the Cherry Mobile Spark 3D. It is a Dual-SIM touchscreen phone (resistive) that packs a special feature – a glasses-free auto-stereoscopic 3D display. What this means is that it can show you three dimensional images without needing those clunky 3D glasses. For a phone that has a price of only PHP 2,899, that seems like quite an interesting deal. You don’t have to take our word for it though – watch our Unboxing and Quick Look below to see the phone in action!



Now that’s gotta be something quite remarkable, isn’t it? A phone that can display and show 3D images and video. And not only that, it can take 2D pictures, and display them in 3D as well. We start to wonder if it could also show pictures that weren’t taken from the phone. If so, we would love to put in pictures of our friends and see them in three dimensions. That would be quite interesting to say the least.


The Cherry Mobile Spark 3D is available right now in your local Cherry Mobile retailers for the price of PHP 2,899. Other than the mind-blowing 3D screen, it’s a pretty decent phone as well. We suggest you go check it out at your nearest Cherry Mobile stores.


UPDATE! Learn how to get more 3DV videos for your phone here in our tutorial.



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  1. Richard
    May 13, 11:14 #1 Richard

    After you convert your photos to 3D images, would you be able to save it as is?

    • panzerpuff
      May 13, 14:58 panzerpuff Author

      The files don’t change and they’re not altered any way or saved in a different format. The phone seems to be automatically rendering it in 3D via some sort of interpolation. Hope that helps!

      • Richard
        May 13, 15:21 Richard

        what i mean is after you press the 3D button, would you be able to save the file with the 3D effects in it?

        • Richard
          May 13, 15:26 Richard

          Let me try in another statement. I am planning to use a 3D image as my cellphone or PC wallpaper. If i take pictures using spark then interpolate into 3D image, would i be able to save what i see in the screen?

          • panzerpuff
            May 16, 13:51 panzerpuff Author

            You won’t be able to use it as a PC wallpaper because you’ll need a specific 3D screen. Most screens don’t yet display 3D so even if it created an interpolated image you can’t see it in 3D.

            For the phone I don’t think it can be set to have a 3D wallpaper – possibly since other items might look weird, but will try to find out if it was possible.

            Anyway, the 3D screen is definitely unique so its not easy to transfer to other screens. Hope that helps man!

  2. what to eat on the paleo diet
    February 11, 04:42 #2 what to eat on the paleo diet

    rather exceptional image!

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