Ragnarok DS Quick Look–Single Player Version Of The Popular Korean MMORPG

by Alexei Rivera | February 27, 2012 8:21 pm

Kickin’ it with my crew!


Admit it, you probably played a ton of Ragnarok Online[2] with your brohos back in the day. Hell, you probably played it more than any other game out there so far. But then everybody started botting and the whole experience turned to shite – though we won’t get into that in this article. The 2.5D massively multiplayer game caught a lot of our hearts and minds during the time when everything we’ve seen so far have all been offline (eg. pirated) games you bought off the local DVD-DVD bro – ushering the new era of online pay-to-play gaming and then ultimately flooding the market with dumb grind-fest cutesy MMOs. But we digress. We’re here to check out an evolution in the original form: Ragnarok DS – a single-player adventure in the vein of the original online variant, complete with the whole shebang of skills, stats, jobs, grinding, and cute 2D characters. Catch our Quick Look on this game after the jump!



And there you have it! A blast from the past (sort of) in DS form. Its rather compelling content really, but that’s assuming that they managed to fit a lot of the monsters and maps from the original online MMO. It might not translate very well for the portable space, especially the skill controls, but at least it doesn’t seem to be extremely demanding when it comes to it. Either way, might be a game for anybody who’s still rocking those slightly long-in-the-tooth Nintendo DSes.



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