Rovio Announces Angry Birds Space; Does Anyone Actually Still Care About This Game?

Rovio Announces Angry Birds Space; Does Anyone Actually Still Care About This Game?
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Does anyone actually still give a flying hoot (pun!) about Angry Birds? Since we really don’t anymore. We stopped caring long before the next bazillionth version and “level update” came out. Why? Because the game got stale – it started to get repetitive fast. Once you’ve figured out the basic premise of slinging your various colored aviary to destroy innocent buildings (and pigs) in various forms and physics, it just got old. It doesn’t help that Rovio hasn’t really innovated at all when it comes to gameplay concepts – its just recycling the same old shenanigans and adding a new coat of paint. But we digress. Rovio is continuing the trend of milking the franchise providing new content to their fans by announcing Angry Birds Space, a “new” game of aviary flinging coming to you this March – but get this, its in SPAAAAAACCCCCEEE!!!!


Angry Birds Space will be coming out in March 22 and will promise some new gameplay concepts (somehow we bet its going to be underwhelming just like Angry Birds Rio) plus some “surprises”. Not much else has been revealed, so that’s all there is. If you’re still, for some reason, excited for playing a slingshot physics game in the colorful world of cute, but pissed off aviary, check your phones and other devices (they’re launching more than just a game) in March to pick it up. Meantime, go ahead and check out their trailer below to learn absolutely nothing about the game.




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