JBL Spyro Unboxing–Amplified 36 Watt 2.1 Speakers For PHP 5k; Looks Like A Metroid

by Alexei Rivera | February 5, 2012 6:44 pm



JBL’s popular brand of uniquely designed speakers and audio equipment has been around for a while – and we’ve definitely seen their designs have at times, gotten somewhat out-of-this-world. That whole mantra looks to be quite strong with the JBL Spyro speakers we have here. They’re a 2.1 powered sub & satellites system that promises to deliver some crisp, strong audio while still calling the attention of passing UFOs. The striking design features a half-ball  sized shiny subwoofer that could be mistaken for a mushroom; while the satellites feature a flower petal design with wires stuck to the back of the sub. If we didn’t know any better, we’d have suspected the satellites to start moving and shoot poison spores at people – and it doesn’t help that we got our Spyro’s in pink/magenta. Attention grabbing design aside, the speakers can give you up to 24 watts of power from the sub and 6 from each satellite – for a total of 36 Watts. You can grab one of these for the price of about PHP 5,000, (probably lower with street prices) and you can peep our unboxing video – complete with a certain niggle about the controls – after the jump!



So there you have it – a powerful 2.1 speaker system with a striking design. Shame about the volume control though. To its credit, some of our testers have reported no problems with the touch controls. However, we’ve had comments on our YouTube video of users getting that same volume control inconsistency. We’ve decided to leave that part of the video in just so people will at least test the volume control before buying the device.


As we’ve said before though, you can just as easily pre-set the volume to a comfortable level and fine tune it with your devices. For a decent sound system, it just might be worth it.



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