DeFuzing the Bomb: The Making of Indie Filipino iOS Game PoofDeFuze Episode 1

by Alexei Rivera | January 28, 2012 5:40 pm



Back in December during the yearly PinoyXbox[2] Christmas party, we met some guys who were looking forward to let us try their iOS game currently in development. The team, Lazy Loris, turns out to be a completely independent group of Filipino guys who were trying to break into the world of app and game development. Their game – PoofDeFuze – is a twitchy whimsical game that reminds us of popular smartphone games, while at the same time bringing a unique concept and gameplay to the table. As huge supporters of local game development here in the Philippines, we felt it was our duty to check it out and try to do our part – and that’s by creating a short feature video about the trials and tribulations of a local startup game developer. We now present “DeFuzing the Bomb: The Making of Filipino iOS Game PoofDeFuze” Episode 1 for your enjoyment. Hop over the jump to watch it!


DeFuzing the Bomb: The Making of Filipino iOS Game PoofDeFuze Ep.1


And that would be a wrap for Episode 1! We’ll be checking in with Lazy Loris soon and see how everything is going, which will hopefully lead to another episode for you guys. PoofDeFuze looks to be coming out sometime in February if everything works out, so if you got a recent iOS device feel free to check it out!


Note: There were some typographical errors in the video – “PoofDeFuze” is the correct spelling. The Technoclast regrets any misunderstandings that may have been caused by this error.



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