Free iPhone 4S Siri Alternatives For Android & Windows Phones–No Vangie’s Here (Video)

by Alexei Rivera | January 6, 2012 12:47 am

“Tried "Ask Ziggy" for WP7. Great app. crappy UI.” – Rapid fire review by Jerome Ancheta[2]


iPhone this and iPhone that. Siri this and Siri that. It seems that Apple still has a bit of that Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field left, because not a lot of people seemed to have noticed that humble voice recognition assistants have been on Android for quite a while now. But let’s leave it to the iPhone 4S and its new touted Siri voice recognizing assistant to popularize the genre and make it some sort of feature that we apparently shouldn’t live without. Despite the not-so-mindblowing nature of Siri’s capabilities, you can’t discount the hype that its garnered for the rest of the industry. And so here we are – about to show you the apps that you may have missed. Here are a few Siri Alternative apps for Android and Windows Phone 7 devices – and they’re free. Peep our video feature after the jump!


Free iPhone 4S Siri Alternatives For Android & Windows Phones


So if you’ve watched the video then you’ll know our alternatives are:


Vlingo (Android)[5]


Iris (Android)[8]


SpeakToIt Assistant (Android)[11]


Ask Ziggy (Windows Phone 7)[14]


Alright, there you have it! Hope you found a new app for yourself to tell all your iPhone 4S friends where to shove it!


Note: All apps shown here requires an internet connection to function and search for answers.



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