Motorola RAZR Is Out–Will Cut You With It’s 7.1mm Body For PHP 30k; Defy+ Comes Later

by Alexei Rivera | December 5, 2011 8:53 am

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How thin is it? Very very thin.


Don’t call it a comeback. Ok fine, call it a comeback. Motorola is pulling a Mazda and is making itself known in the Philippines once again after jumping ship some time ago when people started to, you know, not like clamshell phones. But that’s all in the past now. Moto is back and kicking doors down with Google and they want some of that Philippine sauce back. And what better way to do that than by bringing in their newest product – the razr thin Motorola RAZR (yes, that pun was intended). If your fingers can survive paper cuts, you can pick it up for PHP 29,999 right now. Other products are also in the mix including the Xoom tablet, Defy, and the upcoming Defy+.


The Motorola RAZR


First of all, if you’re self conscious about your body, then it might be best to look away now. The Motorola RAZR is probably going to make you look fat even if you’re as thin as ever – much like it does to all the other “thin” phones before it. The new, kevlar-built 7.1mm body is just so impossibly thin that even Barbie must be cowering in shame – good thing the phone is still able to hold all its internal organs – and what organs they are! The Razr sports a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, 4.3” 960×540 Super AMOLED Advanced screen, 8MP camera with LED flash, 1080 x 30fps video recording, and a 1.3MP front facing camera. For all those specs, you still get that amazingly thin body and all under PHP 30k. Yup, the phone retails right now for PHP 29,999 from Motorola stores situated in major malls. So you can actually run out of your house right now and get it – just don’t test the kevlar for bullet-proof capabilities.


To see more of the Motorola RAZR, check out the video below.



Other Motorola products include the waterproof Xoom tablet for PHP 26k(?), Defy for PHP 15,500, and the Defy+ which will be arriving on December 17 (probably priced at PHP 20k) – if the information we got is correct. So yes, Moto is on the comeback – and its waiting for you to check them out!


2011-12-04 12.35.40





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