RiM BlackBerry Curve 8520 Unboxing–Budget Messenger With WiFi For PHP 8,000

by Alexei Rivera | October 12, 2011 1:59 am

The RiM BlackBerry 8520


Thanks to Multiply’s League of Hobbyists event[2], we were able to get a hold of one of RiM’s budget devices – the BlackBerry 8520 QWERTY bar smartphone. The brand, Research in Motion, and the BlackBerry moniker is popular for its Messenger services and other social connectivity options – with the 8520 being a perfect entry-level example for this demographic. The best price you can get for one of these is through Multiply’s Kimstore[3], at about PHP 8,000 sans shipping fees. Of course, since we got to check one out, we took a video of the unboxing. Check it out after the jump!


The RiM BlackBerry 8520 is a QWERTY bar smartphone with a 512Mhz processor, 2.5” 320×240 screen, 2MP camera (no flash), QVGA video recording, and runs on RiM’s BlackBerry Operating System. Not much can be said about the device except for its obvious BlackBerry Messenger functionalities – though it has to be mentioned that it does have WiFi connectivity, albeit no 3G. You can check out our unboxing below to see more.


RiM BlackBerry Curve 8520 Unboxing



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