Android: Glimpse To The Future Of Mobility, Thank You For The Awesome Experience

Android: Glimpse To The Future Of Mobility, Thank You For The Awesome Experience
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A few days ago on September the 24th, yours truly was asked to give a talk to a pretty large student body about my experiences and opinions about the Android ecosystem. The event, “Android: Glimpse To The Future Of Mobility,” was held at the University of Makati’s Main Theatre and had an attendance from a variety of schools. It was meant to introduce the students to Android development, and I was the first one to go up on stage and share whatever I could to a lot of promising new minds. That was a lot to put on my shoulders, but I am hoping that I was able to give the students some interesting points to take home.


I’ve decided that my task was to introduce the audience to both the advantages and disadvantages of the Android platform – both from a consumer standpoint and from a potential developer. My idea was to get them up to date on what has been happening in the mobile space and why Android’s popularity have exploded since the past year. A great list of manufacturers, minimal hardware requirements, and a robust, inexpensive OS have propelled the system to popularity and affordability – much like what we saw with the PC x86 architecture when it took over 90% of the world’s personal computing. However, I was quick to point out that the advantage of Android is also one of its disadvantages – fragmentation. That said, I gave tips on what a consumer must look for in an Android device, as well as some ideas on how to get past the diversity of form factors and UI skins that serve as a tough point for developers.


I certainly hope the students, our future developers, found my talk to be helpful and I thank them greatly for being such a wonderful, inquiring, and receptive audience. More power to you guys!


Android: Glimpse The Future Of Mobility is an event by – Android Community For Every Juan. Speakers at the event also included Ms. Charo Nuguid and Ms. Anne Olvido, both very well known and very talented Android developers.

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  1. TJ
    September 27, 23:10 #1 TJ

    Didn’t know you’re a dev. And that plaque looks awesome. You have acquired over 9,000 tech points.

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    • panzerpuff
      September 28, 00:30 panzerpuff Author

      Thanks TJ! Actually, I haven’t developed mobile apps. My talk was about my experience with Android devices as a reviewer and consumer. =)

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