REDFOX Optima 300IW Notebook Unboxing–Intel i3 14” Laptop Starts At PHP 25,500

by Alexei Rivera | September 17, 2011 12:09 pm

The REDFOX Optima 300IW


Here we have a new laptop from Redfox that we’ll be checking out called the Optima 300IW. Its a portable 14" Intel i3-powered notebook with a 1366×768 resolution LED display. With decent specs and an affordable PHP 25,500 price point, it should be a good fit for students, professionals, and general purpose PC use – as well as some multimedia and light gaming. Hit the jump for the unboxing video and some shots!


REDFOX Optima 300IW (as reviewed)


For further impressions on the device, check out our website where we’ll have the review for this notebook in the next couple of days – so keep us in your bookmarks! For now, you can check out the unboxing video and preview shots we have below.


REDFOX Optima 300IW Notebook Unboxing



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