Update Your Cherry Mobile Nova To Android 2.2.1 Froyo

Update Your Cherry Mobile Nova To Android 2.2.1 Froyo
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You know, since Android 2.2 Froyo came out sometime last year it’s easily become a household name in Android devices. So much so that we bet that even Frozen Yoghurt became a popular snack to consume while enjoying the comforts of a faster, more efficient mobile OS. It’s so popular that we couldn’t wait to update our Cherry Mobile Nova into the Froyo OS from it’s original Éclair. We think you should too – and we’ve recorded a helpful video guide to walk you though the update process. Check it out after the jump!


WARNING: All your data on the phone (contacts, messages, etc.) will be deleted so back them up or save your contacts to your GMail account so you don’t have to copy them back again onto your updated phone. (Google will sync your contacts without you needing to copy them manually.)


The update file is available from the Cherry mobile website here. Extract them into a folder and run Setup.exe and go through the setup process. Then once that is complete the Software Update Tool window will show up and that officially starts your journey. Check out the video below for the tour!


Update Your Cherry Mobile Nova To Android 2.2.1 Froyo


Success! We have upgraded our Nova to Android 2.2.1 Froyo. This should promise faster speeds (we noticed better UI responsiveness, and of course higher Quadrant score), better compatibility with apps, SD installs, WiFi tethering, and other performance enhancements. It’s definitely great of Cherry Mobile to support their phones – even as they’re releasing new ones. If we’re not mistaken, they might be the only local mobile phone company that releases firmware updates – so congrats to them! And if you’re upgraded your Nova as well, congrats to you too!

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  1. lauxxx
    September 14, 00:17 #1 lauxxx

    any comment with the camera anti-banding? my camera quality is bad after updating it :(

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