Cherry Mobile T20 Touch Unboxing

Cherry Mobile T20 Touch Unboxing
July 19 18:41 2011 Print This Article

Cherry Mobile T20 Touch


Thanks to Cherry Mobile, we now have an opportunity to check out one of their multimedia feature phones – the Cherry Mobile T20 Touch. It is a dual SIM / standby device with a 3.2” touchscreen and some interesting 3D interface touches. The phone is available right now for PHP 3,599 and comes in white and black. In this video we unbox the phone for you and check out some of the 3D touches of the interface. Check it out after the jump!


Cherry Mobile T20 Touch Unboxing


The interface looks kind of fun, though the resistive screen did need getting used to. Still, for PHP 3.6k, not a bad looking phone. If we get the chance we’ll poke around with it a bit more and hopefully let you know what we think. Until then, thanks for watching!

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  1. Dave
    July 20, 21:13 #1 Dave

    I’mn planning to buy this phone. The unboxing video is good but i guess you should include how it works with text messaging, the way it types characters because I would like to know whether its fast or slow. But i think its a nice phone. :)

    • panzerpuff
      July 21, 08:16 panzerpuff Author

      Hi Dave, the keypad is T9 Alphanumeric type, but you can also write down letters with the stylus and the phone will try to determine what letter you just wrote.

      Still not sure if the speed of typing is fast or slow. If you’re used to capacitive screen typing then it might feel less speedy, but since its T9 you can theoretically type without looking at the screen.

      • Dave
        July 23, 22:17 Dave

        Oh, thanks for the response. How about its java. How about the compatibility of games? Does it hang? Are there many games compatible. Thanks in advance. :)

        • panzerpuff
          July 24, 01:37 panzerpuff Author

          We’ll have to let you know about those when we have the chance. We haven’t been able to experiment with the phone too much yet because we’re also reviewing some other gadgets, but we can tell you that it comes preloaded with a few games already.

          The specs says it supports Java games, but we’re not sure of which kind. We assume that means Jar files are supported, but since we’re not sure of the screen resolution specs, we might not find the right apps for it just yet. Theoretically, they should work. We’ll try to find out more when we have the chance.

          • Dave
            July 26, 21:12 Dave

            Thank you for your answers. :) I’m sorry for my questioning attitude. More power to you. Haha :)

            • panzerpuff
              July 26, 21:51 panzerpuff Author

              Your questions are always welcome! We wouldn’t know what to write about if people didn’t ask. =)

  2. jc
    September 28, 19:40 #2 jc

    putang ina cherry t20 nyo

  3. angel ligsay
    October 25, 17:08 #3 angel ligsay

    this phone is super duper cool cant w8 2 buy it

  4. Shoshin
    November 11, 10:00 #4 Shoshin

    Can you do an unboxing and review for Cherry Mobile W2. It has TV I believe.

  5. Nicole
    November 13, 10:01 #5 Nicole

    Where can I find the website for free Java games that is surely compatible with that Phone ? Please Answer. Thanks

    • panzerpuff
      November 14, 06:25 panzerpuff Author

      We haven’t tried to install any but we’ll let you know if we can find apps for it. =)

  6. Nicole
    November 13, 10:09 #6 Nicole

    Is there any problem that you experienced during the unboxing ?

  7. Nicole
    November 14, 17:52 #7 Nicole

    Thanks for the response ! :D God bless

  8. AntiChinaPhone
    February 09, 21:21 #8 AntiChinaPhone


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