Alcatel One Touch Blaze 990 Hardware Tour & UI Check

by Alexei Rivera | July 9, 2011 11:41 am

The Alcatel One Touch Blaze 990


Our friends at Alcatel One Touch Philippines[2] have nicely lent us one of their Android smartphones available locally. They sent the Blaze 990 (OT-990), which is a pretty nice looking Android 2.2 budget android with some nice physical and software touches. Priced at PHP 9,999 as a promo, it looks and feels a little more luxurious than the usual Androids for this price range. But we’ll save our final conclusions when we put up our review once we get to know the phone a bit more. For now, here’s our hardware tour video and some shots of the phone for your perusal.


Alcatel One Touch Blaze 990 Hardware Tour


We’re kind of getting fond of the phone so far. The large 3.5” screen, the shiny strip around the device, and to some extent the printed back with curves and accents makes it look a lot more mid-range than a budget smartphone – or at least it makes the phone a looker for this range. One thing that you won’t notice with the video is that the speaker on the back is actually pretty loud. It is currently one of the louder smartphones we’ve tried so far and the audio quality is deep and bassy – even compared to flagships from other manufacturers. It seems like Alcatel might have come up with a nice disrupter for the budget smartphone market with some quirky features that differentiate it from the crowd. Do they have a winning smartphone with the Blaze 990? Watch out for the full review to find out!


For some more pictures of the device, check out the gallery below.


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