We Take The HTC Sensation For A Spin–Unscientific Speed Tests Included

by Alexei Rivera | June 27, 2011 9:56 pm

The HTC Sensation


We recently had the chance to try out the HTC Sensation[2] at the Philippine Android Community[3] meetup and of course what we did was record a video on how the phone’s interface looks like and how fast it responds to the usual gallery, menu scrolling & panning, as well as the web browser and its Flash playback capabilities. It’s our general unscientific speed test here in The Technoclast, and you can watch the video after the jump!


Take note that we were running off another phone’s WiFi tethering feature which is getting its internet data from 3G speeds, that’s why it took a while to load. The video played at the end is 720p HD video to test the phone’s capability to play HD video on the native Adobe Flash player in the built-in browser.


We Take The HTC Sensation For A Spin Through Our Unscientific Speed Tests


There you have it! Watch out for a couple more videos from the Android Community meetup about the HTC Flyer tablet and the Acer Iconia Tab!

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