Cherry Mobile Orbit Gets Update–Fixes Battery Issues

by Alexei Rivera | June 1, 2011 6:20 pm



If you got a Cherry Mobile Orbit back in the 50% Off Sale[2] or at full price afterwards and aren’t satisfied with the unit, then there might be hope for your complaints. Cherry Mobile has announced on their Facebook Page[3] that an update will be available at their SM North EDSA branch tomorrow, June 2, 2011, with the rest of their Service Centers following suit by next week.


We purchased two units of the Cherry Orbit during the launch sale[4] and took them home. Our primary use unit seems to work fine, including the WiFi Hotspot functionality. However, we had issues with the second unit as it couldn’t seem to share its 3G internet with the WiFi Hotspot. We’re not sure what the reason for this is. We’ve also been hearing of other problems about the unit from readers and commenters on our site and on our YouTube channel[5]. Some have complaints about the battery, camera, and other such problems. For now, we’re not sure if these problems are related to software or hardware, or even on a user basis. We’re also not sure how many people have these problems or if they are isolated cases.


The firmware update is said to fix battery issues by disabling certain pre-installed applications to run that dwindles the battery during standby mode. It should also bump the version number from Android 2.2.1 to 2.2.2, which should also address some other issues. We’re hoping that users with problems get resolved with this update, but there’s always no guarantees. Finally, while firmware updates generally fix problems, we always feel a little uneasy subjecting a perfectly working phone to a new version with no sure way to tell that what was working will remain working.


If you’re interested in getting the update, it should be available tomorrow on Cherry Mobile’s SM North branch, and should trickle down to other branches by next week. We might drop by tomorrow to have ours updated. Fingers crossed, everybody!

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