HTC Goodies Contest Winners

HTC Goodies Contest Winners
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Big thanks to our model for the pictures of our contest prizes


Hi! If you haven’t heard, we recently had a contest that we coincided with our review of the HTC 7 Mozart for some HTC Goodies and extra prizes. Our deadline for entries was on May 12, and we’ve finally tallied all the entries, reviewed them, and ran them through our raffle and contest process. Well, now we’re ready to announce our winners. Check them out after the break!


In our contest, we came up with four prizes, and four ways to win these said prizes. Our number one prize goes to the best comment about the phone after reading the review. This one is judged subjectively and we certainly had trouble picking the right winner. Eventually, it came down to two entries:


Marc Apollo Acosta – For this phone, my interest leans more on the OS part, particulary the UI. Based on your review it was good to know that Windows Phone 7 came out to be a decent OS, having a great potential even with the dominance of Android and iOS. Looking at the screenshots, I really like how the UI was presented. There’s a certain cool factor. It’s simple and elegant, and didn’t try to look like the more popular OS out there. So I guess if you want to be different from the rest, HTC 7 Mozart, with its WP7 and a good hardware to back it up, is a perfect choice.


Justin Sorongon – What I don’t like about the Mozart – battery life. For some reason I thought that battery life would be decent considering it’s not as big as those 4 inch monsters like the Desire HD and Galaxy S. Probably all the eye candy takes a toll on the phone’s processor?

What I like about it – it’s a dead-easy phone to use. It’s simple and straightforward – you wouldn’t have a hard time figuring things out on your own when you use the phone. It’s great for people like me who want a capable phone for calling, texting, light browsing and gaming but don’t want to go through the hassle of various customizations to make the phone run buttery smooth.


Well, we had to pick one, and we picked Mr. Justin Sorongon’s entry for its more complete view of the HTC 7 Mozart. Congratulations! You’ve won the Windows Phone 7 jacket and extra goodies.


Here’s a list of what you’ll find in your prize:

  • HTC Bag
  • Windows Phone 7 Jacket Size XXL
  • HTC Colored Pens
  • Linksys Keychain


The PXB Gears of War T-shirt and Windows Phone 7 Jacket


From then on, we have random prizes to give chances for everybody who joined. The next prize is the HTC USB Key and also comes with its own set of goodies. Our winner is Mr. AJ Bonite! Congratulations!


Your prize contents are:

  • HTC Bag
  • HTC USB Key 4GB
  • HTC Colored Pens
  • HTC Bean Pillow
  • Bahaginan Notebook


It’s an HTC Bean Pillow Thing


Next up is a prize for people who commented on their review length preference. We wanted to know if you wanted long reviews or short reviews – we didn’t care either way. One random winner was chosen and it was Mr. Rico Jmarang! Congratulations!


You’ll be getting these prizes:

  • Blogger’s Bag
  • DC T-shirt Size XL
  • Fujitsu Lanyard


Finally, for our PXB brothers, we had a final, secret contest for a PXB Gears of War t-shirt. Our random draw gave us the winner, Mr. Lawrence Anthony! Congrats!


You’ll be receiving these:

  • HTC Bag
  • PXB Gears of War t-shirt Size XXL
  • Steam Code for Counter-Strike: Source (yes this is a surprise additional prize for the PXB member draw)


Again, congratulations for all of you and thank you for everyone who joined. We wished we could let everybody win but we can only hope you join our next contests for more opportunities. All the winners will be contacted for their shipping details so we can send these items to them. Thank you again and we hope you keep reading and supporting!

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