All Galaxies Get Gingerbread (Except A Few)

by Alexei Rivera | May 16, 2011 7:47 pm

They’re all getting it!


Sammy’s having an Oprah moment. It just announced that Gingerbread will be rolling out to a boatload of Galaxy devices. Why is it an Oprah moment? Well, you’re getting it, and he’s getting it, and they’re getting it, you’re all getting it! Well, that is, if each person has a Galaxy S, Tab, Ace, Gio, Fit or Mini. That’s at least almost everybody in the Samsung Android line.


Basically, the only ones left out of the update process would be the QWERTY-slider Galaxy 551 and the budget Galaxy 5. Still, the tablet, top end, and mid range droids of last year from Samsung will be getting some Gingerbread love and this should make their owners pretty happy.


The updates should roll out internationally bit by bit, so if you own one of these devices, check your KIES software every now and then to see if you’re getting the update. The Galaxy Tab update[2] has been rolling out in Italy so far this week, and the Galaxy S Gingerbread update came out but was pulled immediately[3] by Google for an unknown reason. Here’s hoping that the rest goes smoothly.


Source: Engadget[4]

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