Sony Xperia X10 To Get Gingerbread–We Get Baffled

by Alexei Rivera | April 22, 2011 9:21 pm

Gingergreaded Xperia X10


Those guys at Sony Ericsson are crazy – or maybe they’re smart. But to us, they’re just crazy. They probably are. Unless, they’re the only sane people around and they look at us like we’re totally nutzos. Either way – something’s going on. Sony just announced[1] that they would be updating their 2010 flagship Android, the Xperia X10, to Gingerbread. Why is this crazy? Well, we’ll give you the liberty of a short history lesson.


The Sony Xperia X10 was released back in early 2010 as a single-touch Android 1.6 Donut device. Yes, you heard right. Straight up in 2010, a flagship Android Xperia phone launched with a 4” capacitive 854×480 screen, but didn’t have multi-touch support. Plus, it ran on donuts – err Google’s Android 1.6 Donut. (We’d like to think it ran on donuts anyway.) While the rest of the Android competition was breezing through with 2.1 Éclair and multi-touch gestures at the time, you could get the Xperia X10 with an outdated Android version and single-touch interface – and even at a higher cost.


So as 2010 chugged on, Android 2.2 Froyo came into the scene, and a variety of devices are already upgrading to 2.2. What of the X10? Well, it took its time, but late into 2010, Sony finally got with the program and gave the X10 Android 2.1 Éclair. People rejoiced, even if the rest of the pack was already running 2.2 Froyo.


That’s ok, we just wanted multi-touch. So first, Sony claims that the reason why X10 didn’t have multi-touch was because there were hardware limitations to the device. We wondered what it was. Eventually, Sony says there wasn’t any and rolled out an update to give the X10 some extra touching features early 2011[2]. Great! But it was only limited to 2 apps. But hey, you got all you wanted right? Multi-touch and an update! Sometime later, Sony says that the X10 and its lineup have seen the last of Android updates, and will be stuck with 2.1 Éclair. We guess the consumers saw that coming and left it alone.


But then crazy Sony comes back with crazy new announcements! They’ve now announced that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will get an update to Gingerbread – skipping Android 2.2 Froyo altogether. If this is true, then this proves two things: Sony is a little weird with promises and updates, and owners of the Xperia X10 are finally in for a great update.


Basically, in developing the new Xperia lineup – the Play, Neo, and Arc, Sony have come up with the right updates that could also be applied to the Xperia X10, and they’re rolling it out to the device in turn. The update is slated to come out at the end of Q2 or early Q3 – but knowing Sony, we’d give them an extra few months to account for delays. Sony claims there won’t be any more updates to the X10 after Gingerbread, but these days we can’t even tell if Sony is telling the truth or just fibbing with us.


So there you have it Xperia X10 folks! You’ll be getting Gingerbread sometime this year. Break out the bubbly!

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