Nokia C7, Angry Birds, & NFC Fan? There’s An App For That!

by Alexei Rivera | April 22, 2011 6:55 pm

By The Power Of NFC!


We don’t really know what the demand is for people who are currently, or in the future, Nokia C7[2] users, who love to play Angry Birds[3], and are interested in NFC (Near-Field-Communications) technologies, but Nokia[4] thinks there’s enough of this wild vend diagram cross-section of people that they’ve teamed up with Rovio Mobile[5] to create a specific Angry Birds game for you! (Yes, you and the two other blokes who raised their hand!) Nokia and Rovio calls it Angry Birds Magic[6], coming to a C7 near you!


Demographics aside, the game is primarily an entirely decent version of the popular Angry Birds franchise, with an NFC twist. Unlocking extra levels requires finding friends with C7’s (or other future Nokia phones with NFC) with the game and using the NFC technology to help each other in the fight against the evil Green Pig menace. This isn’t an unusual feature in portable video games, but it is a new one for smartphones with NFC. Unfortunately, unlike traditional portable video games on the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP, all the NFC is said to do is unlock extra levels. We kind of hoped it would promote some extra level of interaction like popular handheld video games do, but that doesn’t seem like the case.


Still, if you’re itching for more Angry Birds action, and you’ve got a C7, and would like to experiment with Near-Field-Communications with your other C7 friends, then you’re more than welcome to try Angry Birds Magic, which will come later on with the Symbian Anna update for Symbian^3 phones. Being the only unit right now on Nokia’s lineup with NFC, this limits the game availability to only the C7. Let’s call it a C7 exclusive feature for now.


Watch the video to see more NFC action:


Angry Birds Magic hatches at WIMA
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