Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update Out–Copy Paste & Faster Loading

Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update Out–Copy Paste & Faster Loading
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If you’re an owner of a Windows Phone 7 device, then you’re probably one of the people eagerly waiting for the Copy & Paste functionality to be unlocked. The original version of the smartphone OS that was unveiled late last year didn’t have the feature set initially, but was promised it would be included in a future update. Well, that future – albeit cliché’d – is now. The WP7 NoDo update (March 2011) should already be out for most, if not all, Windows Phone 7 devices. Bringing with it a couple of new features for your mobile phone.




Besides the aforementioned Copy & Paste functionality, they’ve included several performance enhancements to the Windows Phone OS. First of them would be the faster startup and resume for applications, improved search in the Marketplace, some WiFi tune-ups, and general performance updates.


Since we had a review unit of the HTC 7 Mozart available during the time of the update, we were able to test the new features of the March NoDo update on our review unit. The Copy & Paste functionality does work well and is implemented really nicely – you wouldn’t think it was just an added feature if you picked a phone up with NoDo today. However, the largest improvement we’ve noticed is on games – it improved the loading times by more than twice and it seemed like sometimes the loading screen progress bars were even completely unnecessary to use. That’s quite an improvement – one that would entice WP7 users to play a lot more games, we’re sure. If you have a Windows Phone 7 device right now, have it scan for updates and bring your phone up to the NoDo update and check it out.

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