HTC Announces Flagship HTC Sensation–Dual-Core & High Resolution Screen

by Alexei Rivera | April 19, 2011 11:06 am

The HTC Sensation


At an HTC event held recently in London, the company announced their newest flagship phone, the HTC Sensation[2] – rumored before as the name HTC Pyramid. Packed with top-of-the-line future-proofed specs, and HTC’s first dual-core smartphone, it is sure to keep the competition on their toes.


With all the right specs, this seems like the phone that the original HTC Desire HD would have loved to be. With a much larger 1520mAh battery, 4.3” SLCD capacitive display, but with a major upgrade in resolution – namely going qHD (960×540). It’s going to be one of the highest resolution Android phones to come out this year – and is almost about to reach the iPhone4’s Retina Display resolution. It has an 8MP camera with dual LED flashes and can capture 1080p Full HD videos on your phone – thanks to the 1.2Ghz dual-core processor – which is HTC’s answer to the dual-core trend this year.


Customizable lock screens give you extra flexibility


The phone will run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a new revamped version of their popular HTC Sense[4] customization. New features include a gorgeous new Weather App, the HTC Watch video-delivery service, new customized lock-screens, and a new 3D carousel effect when scrolling between homescreens.


Needless to say, HTC has finally unveiled their “phone of the year” competitor in the HTC Sensation. Dual-core is a trend this year, but higher resolution screens are still very rare – as most phones today still come out in the original 800×480 resolution of early last year. HTC’s experience with the large 4.3” format and the aluminum unibody chassis has managed to offer us quite an impressive device. This is one phone we would love to get a hold of, and might even convince us to upgrade so soon into our phone life cycles. No release date for the Philippines has been set so far, but we’ll try to get a comment from an HTC representative as soon as we can.


Watch the video below to see more of what the HTC Sensation has to offer:


HTC Sensation–First Look





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