Quick Look – Nokia MD-11 Mini Speakers

Quick Look – Nokia MD-11 Mini Speakers
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Nokia MD-11 Mini Speaker


Hanging out with friends is something we absolutely love to do. Unfortunately, listening to music with your friends seldom happens because of one or two things. The speakers on most of our devices are never loud enough for us to hear, especially in a large public setting and there’s usually not a lot of ways to bring a decent, but portable speaker. Nokia has offered a solution for us with the Nokia MD-11 Mini Speakers. It’s a cute little amplified portable speaker for playing your music without the need for power outlets or large batteries.


Luckily, along with the Nokia N8 trial unit that WoMWorld Nokia sent us, is a White version of the mini Speaker. The speaker is about the size of a dinner roll and quite easy to palm. It’s even small enough to put in some pockets – but we’d best imagine it being brought along a small bag. There’s a nice cable management system to keep things tidy when you’re packing up and it runs on 3 AAA batteries for about 30+ hours of playback. Finally, it has an upgrade port for another speaker to produce stereo audio. We imagine with two of these, you’ll have a pretty good audio experience with your friends at the beach, hiking, picnicking, or whatever kind of social activity floats your boats.


So give the video a look to see it in action!


Quick Look–Nokia MD-11 Mini Speakers

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