CD-R King Tripod Quick Review (TM-3110A)

CD-R King Tripod Quick Review (TM-3110A)
February 15 19:10 2011 Print This Article

CD-R King is a company in the Philippines that sells cheap products that may or may not be copyright infringing at times. Well known for some shoddy build quality, but very popular because of the price, we set out to buy one of their tripods and investigate.


The video is purposefully short and made for a slightly more humorous take.

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  1. Gabrielle
    August 11, 13:59 #1 Gabrielle

    hahaha, tripod for 250 pesos. : ) how long will it last? Anyways, more and more people consider the price and tend to overlook the quality.

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    • panzerpuff
      August 11, 20:08 panzerpuff Author

      We use it every so often on our videos, but we would never mount a front heavy DSLR on it. It’ll tip over and damage our equipment!

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