Angry Birds Rio Flying Into Smartphones This March

Angry Birds Rio Flying Into Smartphones This March
January 31 16:23 2011 Print This Article

Are you still interested in slinging colored aviary to destroy bunkered down green pigs in order to rescue eggs and somesuch? Well Rovio sure knows you are, and so does the upcoming movie Rio. They’ve teamed up to launch a new Angry Birds version called Angry Birds Rio to bring you more slinging-aviary action to high-spec smartphones.


Angry Birds Rio will require higher processors on smartphones – and graphics chips wouldn’t hurt either, since they said it’ll have a lot more detailed graphics. Unfortunately that means that the phones who have a harder time on regular games of displeased aves will have to stick with the regular versions, or even the Lite one – too bad.


Angry Birds Rio will crash their way into multiple application marketplaces (App Store, Android Market, Ovi Store, etc.) in March. The movie Rio looks like it’ll be out in theatres in April.


Are you excited? Call me cautiously optimistic. The trailer was cringe-worthy at start but I am curious as to the identity of the abductor-bird, the caged up birds that may, or may not, be introduced as playable and then there’s the idea of the higher quality graphics. So maybe this time Rovio isn’t just rehashing old sprites and building new levels, right? We’ll find out come March.

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