Nokia 70% Sale Updates Again–Hopes Become Slightly Dented

December 02 23:07 2010 Print This Article

Remember this picture? Well, actually, you don’t. If you look closely, Nokia has changed the picture I posted before to add some Terms and Conditions and some fine print to this image as opposed to just the list of participating stores.



Spot The Difference?

While a little detail about Terms and Conditions and some fine print is more than welcome in a promo like this, there may be newfound reason to worry about this sale. Let’s pick some nits.

  • One Unit Per Customer
  • Strictly NO Reservations

These are very standard, but it does mean they don’t want people to try and beat the system with it. I guess that’s good, but we should expect at least that much.

  • Open For Cash And Straight Transactions Only
  • Only Those In Line Are Entitled To Avail Of The Promo

Now we get into slightly worrying territory. I don’t know what they mean by a Straight Transaction. Does that still mean you can use credit cards? “Only Those In Line”? You mean there will be a line? With a ton of Nokia stores everywhere and the sale being held the whole day, you’d expect that there wouldn’t be much of a line, right? Not unless they have something up their sleeves. And while I haven’t yet posted my experience on the Nokia C6-gate sale event, I’m smelling something might happen along those lines with all these Terms and Conditions. If you’re not up to speed on what happened in C6-gate, a picture or two might help:

The Line For Nokia’s C6 Sale…

… at the end this is what you find. (Read the paper stuck on the glass)

This could all just be precautionary measures by Nokia such that they can keep things in check when something crazy occurs, so it might not turn out the same at all. However, the next condition and fine print is no mere speculation.

  • Terms And Conditions Apply On Select Devices*
  • * Slightly Dented Sales Packages

No mixing words there. Some of the Nokia units that will be on sale will come as Slightly Dented Sales Packages.

Here’s hoping Nokia will still hold a good sale with good phones (albeit some slightly dented packages) and keep the proceedings and expectations in-check to make it a smooth event!

In related rumors, we have unconfirmed reports that the sale’s price for a Nokia C7 phone will be lowered to PHP 11,000. Which is a good chunk off its 17k price. If true, then it would be about a 35 percent discount for the phone. We can only hope.

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