Nokia Sale On Dec 4: Up To 70% Off!

by Alexei Rivera | December 1, 2010 7:43 pm

(If you’re curious, pic was taken by a Nokia N82.)

More sales on the Nokia front! I saw this on the newspaper today while at the gym and it might look promising.

No idea what is going on sale, though some rumors from before this ad have said that the N8 might be part of a first-week-of-December sale. (This is probably it.) At best I’d say they might bring the N8 price down by a 15% discount, no more. Still, 70% off on a Nokia might be tempting. I’ll head over to a Nokia store on December 4 and maybe I’ll see you there!


We now know what phones will be on sale and at what prices. Click here to find out: Nokia 70% Sale Update!–Units, Prices And Details[2]

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