Somebody Don’t Like Local Gaming Mags Too Much

Somebody Don’t Like Local Gaming Mags Too Much
October 04 20:49 2009 Print This Article

At the height of the popularity of MMORPG’s here in the Philippines, otherwise known as momorpagas, there became a demand, for better or worse, of magazines that blatantly publish ads have articles about our local MMORPG scene. Of course, this wasn’t exactly what they claim to be doing – they claim to be writing about games in general, with MMORPG’s gaining a bit of the attention with their major-sponsor-funded unbiased reviews. From which comes a total rant about the overall quality of such publications from yours truly:

I think you’re expecting way too much out of our dying local magazine racks.

I remember I tried checking out local mags before and upon reading it realized these shmucks have no business writing for anything. And sadly all the “news” were older than rock-solid 3 day old pandesal (a bread roll).

It’s like they thought of writing about something, put it in Google, copied all the things the first page says, including errors, or maybe they add errors of their own because they’re too dumb to understand it, then pass off some lame screenshots with captions that are semi-sexual or semi-trying-to-be-smart-funny-but-end-up-being-overly-lame-and-cricket-inducing-tumbleweed-rolling-awkward-silence jokes instead.

The writing reeks of uninformed biased crap that every time I hear that the PS3 has some superior graphics, or that Gran Tourismo 5 “will be out sometime this year” or some wild shit that is blatantly untrue, I cringe and say I want my money back and change.

To expect anything better out of our newsstands is probably much too much. We want real unbiased opinions and what we get is regurgitated fake online writeups with no real professional opinions behind them.

I don’t know if local media just needs to grow some balls or they really just have no business writing anything at all.

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