We Didn’t Start The Flame War!

by Alexei Rivera | September 21, 2009 10:57 am

We didn’t start the flame war[1]. Peeps were hatin’ on it ‘fore I left my comment:

Yes, exactly. Nevermind that half of the games you mentioned are unproven and haven’t even been shown in full playable form.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – remake of an Xbox 360 exclusive with pathetic sixaxis boob jiggling addon.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – great game.

EyePet – WTF EYEPET!!?!? WTF (Are you 5?)

Gran Turismo 5 – vaporware. Remember GT HD? Remember they planned on releasing a basic game then let you buy a ton of cars? They they thought, “oops maybe we shouldn’t do that”. Then remember Prolouge? Gran Turismo is a myth.

Heavy Rain – game looks good, unproven genre, game not shown enough to public

Star Ocean: The Last Hope International – isn’t this an old Xbox 360 game?

White Knight Chronicles – Another Squeenix JRPG. Didn’t their last non FF RPG’s suck?

Final Fantasy XIII – Not PS3 Exclusive

God of War III – God of War is great

Atelier Rorona – What the F is this? Hey what about Bohaasyeiaid Lebaru? That’s an Xbox 360 exclusive. If you wanna import this title go ahead. I bet it doesn’t review very well.

Playstation Motion Controller – BEST GAME EVER. Hey, remember the sixaxis motion controller? THAT WAS THE BEST GAME EVER TOO! Also, I love how the technology basically has no name, (kind of like Massive Action Game) and that all we’ve seen are tech demos. Game comes out 2010! Believe it! Because Sony said so! Sony never lies!

MAG – unproven 256 player online shooter with generic name and generic shooting. Tiered command system obviously will fail due to people not following orders. Under the huge map and multiple groups will you even actually see 256 players playing in the same screen? If not, then what’s the use of actually having them all in one map? 256 Players. Only 3 with headsets. TOTALLY WINS OVER HALO RITE!?

Agent – Agent coming in 2010? Don’t think so. Heck, I haven’t seen anything about this game at all.

Final Fantasy XIV – BEST MMORPG EVER!!!! Remember FF11? Subscription fees are teh awesomesauce! 2 day bosses FTW

The Agency – The Agency!? Another MMO by Sony Online Entertainment? Haven’t they learned their lessons? Sony is horrible at online.

DC Universe Online – Dude seriously? Another MMO. By Sony. I wouldn’t even compare this with a random XBLA exclusive.

Free Realms – Free Realms?…. mmo. Holy crap and it looks bad.

The Last Guardian – ICO team makes great games


Think very deeply before you compare a bunch of MMO’s and promises to some hard hitting REAL, and very PROVEN console exclusives, sir.

The list that was given you was:

Mass Effect 2 – Bioware. Proven.
Halo: Reach – Bungie. Proven.
Alan Wake – Demo proven.
Fable 3 – After 2 games, proven.
Splinter Cell: Conviction – Proven.
Crackdown 2 – Proven.
Gears of War 3 – Very Proven.
Project Natal – Has a name, technology Proven. Games already run on it. Proven.

Let me just add one or two that are actual, physical, proven releases:

ODST – Proven.
Forza 3 – Real. Proven. And this time, 2 Forza’s will be out even before Gran Turismo 5 even has a hope of coming out. Has car damage, has reactive AI, has online auctions, good online play, great online community.

I seriously do not know what you are smoking when you compare.

Yeah. Seriously. (Its a PS3 vs. 360 flame war. Except the dude was mentioning PS3 exclusives that didn’t have a history of greatness. Think Lair and you’ll see how unproven developers and games become utter crap and fail.)

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