My Guitar Hero Drums Are Plenty Broken (I Can Has Video Blogging?)

by Alexei Rivera | June 29, 2009 10:56 am

Hey here’s a new blog feature: Video blogging by yours truly! (WEWT!?!?!)

Here’s a brief history video of what I’ve been through fixing my repeatedly-breaking Guitar Hero drum kit.

In case you haven’t noticed, Guitar Hero drum kits aren’t very durable. I’ve been fixing the snare on and off for about 7 or so times now. The left cymbal broke this week, sort of fixed it now but there’s a small chance of double hit, so I swapped with the right cymbal. The kick pedal has undergone more than 10+ sensitivity mods and fixes. One drumstick holder snapped off. There’s the usual problem of the whole kit sinking down during gameplay, which I plan on drilling a hole through the stand for, to keep it from collapsing.

But now the actual plastic thing under the rubber pad is split in half on my snare. Which is total lolz. I’m still trying to determine if it will affect gameplay or not, but the snare now sounds more hollow when you hit it, and I might be getting double hits on it rarely. Oh well.

Hey, want to ask me how many times I had to fix my Rock Band kit? Hint: its less than 1. (Kinda. I forgot that I snapped my Rock Band bass pedal and added a metal plate to reattach it. Ever since then, I’ve had zero problems, and not like this.)

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