We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Sarcasm To Greet Everyone A Hammy Majars Day

by Alexei Rivera | May 11, 2009 12:14 am

While talking to a friend today, after all the Mother’s day festivities, (Mom doesn’t like big mom day shenanigans, so I said I was hungry and so we drove off and took home some MickeyD’s for the family. It was her special day so I made sure we got Coke Zero, instead of the usual sugar for us, Zero for her and dad.) we got into the discussion of how he could best sell his cars from the Mitsubishi dealer he works for. (Mikko Ambrosio, Mitsu sales[1])

So I got to talking about network building, (to increase the amount of professional and personal contacts that you have) and the topic soon turned into my Mom’s amazing social network skills:

My mom is big on this stuff. When I was a kid she’d bring me along to her network building stuff, and obviously I didn’t really understand it. I was a kid, I get bored. Why am I here spending 5 hours waiting for my mom to stop talking to missus number 93?

But yeah, these days. I do the same to some extent. It helps with small details and maybe information gathering. Sometimes if you’re friendly, and spend some time with people, they’ll give you information. Like people they also know that they can refer you to.

My mom built her network on that. And when she was done, she’d have all kinds of professionals in her list so if we ever need anything from an experienced carpenter to the best brain surgeon in town, she’d have already talked to them to an extent and know them and/or their families.

Did you know the doctor who did my knee surgery, is the husband of the sister of the husband(?) of my cousin in Pampanga? Got the price down so low from that. More than halved the price of the surgery. All thanks to Mom’s super network skill.

Yup. Mom’s crazy.

Happy Mothers Day!

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  1. Mikko Ambrosio, Mitsu sales: mailto:mikkoambrosio@yahoo.com.ph

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