Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits – Moar Guitar Hero

by Alexei Rivera | March 5, 2009 11:33 am

guitar_hero_greatest_hits guitar_hero_greatest_hits guitar_hero_greatest_hits guitar_hero_greatest_hits

If you haven’t had enough of Harmonix’s former franchise turned into full-blown mass-market rhythm genre, then watch out! Because there’s 2 console Guitar Hero games coming out faster than you can say “Star Power!”.

Activision and Red Octane’s IP (Intellectual Property), and developed by former Tony Hawk’s developer Neversoft, is bringing you two games even before the 2nd Quarter ends.

Guitar Hero: Metallica, will be busting heads and double-pedalling your face at the end of March, while the most recent announcement says that Guitar Hero: Greatest hits will return the good-old songs from previous Guitar Heroes to today’s master track-toting, full band playing, current systems.


While the last Guitar Hero hasn’t been too far off, World Tour had a pretty mellow song selection which included GOD DAMN SPANISH.

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