Achievement Points Part 2: What do they really mean?

by Alexei Rivera | April 19, 2008 7:17 am

Today, in part 2 of our “2 part achievement special”, we discuss what gamerscore really tells us about a person. No BS. Just cold facts we can deduce from the information the gamer profile contains.

Barring any means of gamerscore cheating, what can we tell from a score?

But lets cut the shit – what do you really want to know about a person from his gamerscore?

A person with a high score and decent gamerscore completion percentage is a more credible source of gaming information than a low scoring individual. Why, you ask? Well let’s go back to our previous deductions:

So basically – we can guarantee this person has spent more time playing. We can also guarantee that he can finish hard levels. Finally, we are sure he’s read up on games a lot to attain such a high score. All of these things can be possible on low scoring profiles, but is a fact on all high profile scores. So in reality, a person with a higher score is guaranteed to have a good opinion about games… since hes spent the time playing them, learning them, and also reading about them.

A low SAT score doesn’t always mean a person is dumb. But a high SAT score is proof that a person is smart. It does not make low gamerscorers any less credible of gaming opinion as it is – But it guarantees that anybody with a high score will have an opinion well worth hearing.

That said, this only really helps if you’re in the business of having your opinions heard. And that is why I think some of us may be compelled to achieve more. Lord knows a few extra points wouldn’t hurt.

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