Mass Effectin’

Mass Effectin’
April 10 01:16 2008 Print This Article

We’re going deep – deep into space. Mass Effect is a Bioware RPG made for the 360 and since I have a choice in character, I played female Shepard. Any complaints?

Its unfortunate that right from the start you’ll see the graphical texture pop-in and frame rate jitters, but it more than makes up for it with some amazing visuals and involving dialogue. I guess my only real problem against these kinds of games would be the sheer amount of content and missions you will probably never completely see. Its Oblivion all over again, except in space and I feel a real sense of awe and wonder with what the next alien would look like. And its true what I heard, those damn elevators take ages.

I wish this game was more action-oriented than RPG, maybe then I’d be sailing through these levels without having to ask my crew how they got onboard, or learn the culture of alien races. But as it is, something great must be said about the worlds such RPG’s create and suck you into. I want to get in deep into this game, to live, breathe, sleep in it – but I don’t think my attention span can last long enough to — oh someone sent me an IM, hold on… — Ok, where was I?

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