Yep, thats definitely Smash Bros.

Yep, thats definitely Smash Bros.
March 18 12:09 2008 Print This Article

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the Wii’s killer app – best game in the library. So many things to do, its got full motion video for the adventure mode, online functions, minigames, replay functions, screenshot functions, challenges offer a change of pace, the music, the audio, and the graphics are top notch, theres small nostalgic touches everywhere. There’s collectible stickers, trophies, awards; unlockable stages, unlockable characters; the list goes on. Nintendo even put emulated classic games on the disc so you can play demos of metroid or zelda 1 etc.

The only complaints would be friend codes, online chat, and no motion control / the need for a gamecube controller to play it the best way possible.

Verdict is, SSBB is the Wii’s toned down Halo3 with the Orange Box’s amount of content. Get this game.

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