I helped Sony sell a PS3 today

I helped Sony sell a PS3 today
March 16 19:15 2008 Print This Article

Normally I wouldn’t, since the PS3 is still at a horribly young stage. (I have doubts it will ever reach maturity.) But nevertheless, you can’t really influence people enough to convince them.

So today we bought a 40gb PS3. By local bundles of course, the best NTSC system we found was in Virtual Station @ Greenhills VMall. It was 22.5k (PHP) bundled with Uncharted + any available game. If the games were at 2.5k each, that would make the console 17.5k. Not bad, considering I bought my 360 13 months ago at 24.5k (2 controllers, 1 year warranty, and 2 games).

Uncharted played a lot like Gears of War with slightly less responsive controls. I think the guy slips and slides and turns unlike what you would expect. Probably since it may have some adventure gameplay instead of cover-shooting.

The other game we got was Burnout. And, its definitely Burnout. You drive, you crash, except now, look, its got a huge city.

If only the PS3 didn’t come with composite cables, I’d tell you how it looked. But under wide-stretched SD graphics, I couldn’t really tell. Uncharted ran great and looked like it had a lot of smooth polys running at 60fps. Burnout looked pretty dull at SD though. Uncharted had some pretty long loading at the start… with a horrible stretched gold circle making a PS2-looking rotate-a-load animation. Ew.

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