Snippets of Thoughts

Snippets of Thoughts
March 14 12:14 2008 Print This Article

Let me try and keep rambling here with the small random info that would be too much to individually post about:

1.) Lost Odyssey – I’m almost at the fourth disc. There’s very little in the sense of innovation – if at all. Its a “traditional” JRPG tried and true. However, the frame rates are just horrible for the amount of stuff onscreen. I feel like I’m playing a PS2 game that’s pushing the system too much. Its funny because there’s nothing special going on, in fact, it reminds me of standard PS2 skips on low polygon environments. Man, they need to work on optimization. The story, visuals and gameplay are straddling the average/above average dealio. While there’s a decent amount of FMV, there may be a lack of riskquer fanservice. Plus I haven’t seen an epic FMV yet. There’s a LOT of drama and I’m surprised its been rather less tear-jerking lately. This game needs a lot more epic and a lot less bite-sized bosses. Bring in a colossus or a Godzilla, sweep the camera over huge sprawling cities, destroy half a continent, create massive tidal waves, or kill someone. Make me scared, make me awed, make my jaw drop. Or at least get rid of Cooke’s god damn ugly cape.

2.) Assassin’s Creed – Breezed through it for the achievements. The beggars and drunks are annoying, as I suppose they are made to be. The game itself is more or less what I expected. There’s a smidge too much of backtracking and sidequesting. And lets face it, the story came straight from your local nutjob. Game really needs some fanservice. Ironically, producer Jade Raymond, being the hot gaming personality that she is, may unfortunately be the cause. They should take a page out of any Jap game’s book/s.

3.) Found a DVD rental shop recently with some (old) decent titles. We’re gonna, uhh, *multiply* these and see what stuff we can get out of it. We borrowed Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, and a Tenchi movie.

4.) Ate at some weird jap resto. Sizzling Pepper Steak. Basically an excuse to serve japanese-ish food on a sizzling plate. Decent food. Decent ambiance. Bottomless drinks are at 45PHP and refilled at a decent rate. Burgoo thus far is still best at service, though.

5.) Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law – AKA. Phoenix Wright lite. Low on hot chicks, quick on wit, shorter game. Voice acted and animated really well.

6.) Super Smash Bros. Brawl – the overhyped Nintendo fanboy cum-in-pants game will be in my hands shortly, after a purchase of some DVD9 blanks.

7.) Remind myself to keep the mini-reviews shorter.

8.) Visit HMR Philippines and write about it.

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